Still shambling

I’m watching as the Zombie Democrats in Congress still lumber and lurch toward their goal of “he-a-a-ath…ca-a-a-re…re-e-e-fo-o-o-orm”. If it wasn’t deadly serious, it would be entertaining. As it is, it’s nearly as frightening as real zombies showing up in my front yard.

Currently, it seems to be a game of “Let’s Make A Quiet Deal”, because no one wants to see what fun catch phrase comes after the “Louisiana Purchase” and the “Cornhusker Kickback”. Some Dems who were against are now for, and a few who were for are now against. The numbers change depending on day, the deals, who’s keeping count and the polls.

Currently, they plan to vote on Sunday. Of course, any number of such deadlines have passed; I suspect this one is a pathetic attempt to build momentum by creating a false sense of urgency. I also suspect it means that they’ve counted their votes and still come up short, but are hoping for the best. And if the best doesn’t show, why, it can always be delayed again.

In the meantime, we have the Marxist in Chief on FoxNews showing the world who he is and what he wants. (Of course, because interviewer Bret Baier pressed him to, you know, actually answer the freaking questions he was asked, the remainder of the media has castigated Fox and the Baier for being rude to their God-King.) We have now looked upon the face of comu-socialism in America. Know him for what he is.

We stand at a fork in the road of the history of our country. One branch leads to totalitarianism and eventual ruin. The other leads…we know not where. We just hope that it’s better than the alternative.

Keep the pressure on the Congresscritters, and keep adding to your stores. If the one fails, you’re really going to want the other.

1 thought on “Still shambling

  1. "Currently, it seems to be a game of "Let's Make A Quiet Deal", because no one wants to see what fun catch phrase comes after the "Louisiana Purchase" and the "Cornhusker Kickback"."

    I live in Jim Costa's district in California. Since he sold his vote for water, the local talk radio is calling it "Watergate"

    I wonder what other deals are being made. I also wonder which "yes" voters are contemplating changing to "no" until they can get a deal as well.

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