Something bankrupt this way comes

I’m a bit behind in email reading, so you may have already seen this if you’ve followed my advice to subscribe to Whiskey and Gunpowder.

When a government’s debt grows to equal annual GDP, the game is essentially over.

That, boys and girls, is the money quote from the article. I humbly suggest you get yourself over there and read the whole thing. Consider how many countries throughout the world are basically there. After that, consider what the cost of “health care reform” will do to aggravate the situation in our own country.

Then feel free to hit the grocery store, Walmart, the local gun shop–all those places that have what will soon be “comfort items”.

1 thought on “Something bankrupt this way comes

  1. See it coming for the past 5-years,and been buying extra food,ammo,guns and what nots.

    Also silver and cash saved up.

    People need to know that if the government keeps at it, we will be just like Greece right now. Basically a third world cesspool.

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