No, I haven’t fallen off the planet

Quite honestly, my reservoir of vitriol is running low. I mean, how much can you say about a President who makes Jimmah Carter look competent? How often can I go off on abuses of power by everything from the Fiddlin’ Feral Government to your local elected weasels? How many times do you have to point out that the economy sucks on it’s better days, and is scary as hell on the bad ones?

Add to that that I can’t even find anything “different” to comment on, and well….

Right now, I’m tired of it. I’m still keeping up, but for a while I think I need a break. It could be the winter blahs–heaven knows I’m about ready for some spring around here.

One good piece of news is that Mrs. Freeholder attended her concealed carry class this weekend and passed with the highest scores in her class. I’m very proud of her performance. I’m waiting to see when she will go to actually get her permit.

At any rate, I’m not planning on closing up shop, but I’m going to hang up the “Gone Fishing” sign, sort of.

4 thoughts on “No, I haven’t fallen off the planet

    How did you manage that?
    Please, tell her I am impressed.
    Does this mean she'll go shooting with us next time? 🙂

  2. How in the world can you not be sharing your thoughts on Mcdonald v Chicago that's going on today? Heck, if it was televised I'd find a gun-friendly bar and go watch it!

  3. I'll talk about McDonald when there's something to say. Right now, other than the fact the oral arguments were today, there isn't much to say.

  4. I feel your pain. Sometimes we all need a break from it.

    Also, congras to the Miss on her permit. Keep it in the ten ring,and keep safe.

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