The anger builds

Before the kamikaze attack in Austin, a man bulldozed his home in Ohio.

The Powers That Be call them criminals.

The leftist/statist/fascist bloggers are whipping themselves into a frenzy about “angry white males” and “Teabaggers”.

They are missing the point.

It isn’t just “angry white males”. I know of angry black males, angry white females, and so on. Do you know who they’re angry at?

The politicians and their cronies. People like Obama who use their office to reward their supporters and steal from the public. Out of control government bureaucrats in agencies such as the IRS, ATF, the Frannie Mac bunch, the FDA and so on. Goldman Sachs executives who infiltrate our Feral Government and use their position to hammer their opponents while enriching themselves. Insurance companines who quietly push for a “single payer” health care system with mandatory insurance for all, because it will mean higher profits for them. You know the type.

Here’s a message for all of you: We know who you are. We understand what you’re trying to do. We don’t like it.

And some of us are doing something about it.

5 thoughts on “The anger builds

  1. Ok, so in my not-so-humble opinion, the wanker with the bulldozer was just that – an idiot. The bank foreclosed on him (for whatever reason – I have not read about the specifics yet), so his solution was to bulldoze the property to the ground?

    The reality is, he only owned about half of the house – the bank still had a mortage worth $160,000 that they were threatening to foreclose on. So, in essence, he just destroyed $160,000 of someone else's property – there is no excuse or reason for that.

    Sure, if he owned the house outright and someone was going after it because he was coming up short in other areas (like the bank was going after his failing businesses – this guy does not appear to have much financial sense), then I could completely understand and agree with his decision. But that house was not his, at least not entirely, and destroying it destroyed someone else's property.

    That is simply not acceptable.

    The sad thing is that he still owes the bank that $160 grand, and now, instead of just taking his house, they will come after him, personally, in court, as well they should… probably after any criminal proceedings they might be considering – felony vandalism and all that.

    As for the whackjob with the plane, it is pretty clear from his writings that he was well-and-truly nuts, from every damned perspective. Even worse, his bitch was that he was not getting nearly as good a shake at government handouts as everyone else, so obviously he was getting a sucky deal, and decided to lash out against someone.

    I certainly agree that people are getting upset, and they have every reason to be, and I likewise agree that our system is broken and is in desperate need of repair. But a nutcase and an idiot are not a good indicator of the status of the American public.

  2. You are so right.A lot of people are calling these folks names.I think if you aint walked a few miles in anothers shoes ya really aint got much right to crticize.I am not advocating murder or terriosm.But damn people are quick to talk.IT is true the weak links will break first.But it's gonna get worse.

  3. Linoge, the bankers were foreclosing on his house, which he had never missed a payment on, because they were afraid the IRS would get there first.

    His businesses were in trouble with the IRS. From painful firsthand experience, I can tell you this is incredibly easy to do if you own a business.

    The IRS loves small businesses, because they know they can outlast them. It's like ATF going after the small AR producers, and not the big boys. Low hanging fruit, I believe the call it.

  4. I have to agree with Linoge, and don't condone the actions of either of these folks.

    However, one can see where the frustration comes from. After doing my taxes, to which I must state I am lower-middle class bracket. I am only getting back our of the sum-odd $3000 the government looted from me only $100 back.

    This is why we need to end the Fed,end the 16th Amendment and end the IRS

  5. Actually, Linoge, I think both are prime examples of the temper of the common American: we're fed up with all the bullshit coming out of the dark lord's offices. True, the Austin asshole was just that: left his family homeless and without a provider, but his temperament is exactly what every left-wing nutjob feels: "we the people" owe them. So fuck them all.
    As to the man bull dozing his home: the banks are insured so they won't lose out, so no big deal. They just won't be able to sell that particular house.
    But each got their point across: they, like the majority of Americans, are fed up with the bullshit. Leave us the hell alone, leav our employers alone, and get the fuck out of our lives with your "nanny state laws".
    That is acceptable to me. I don't condone the actions, but sure as hell do the sentiment.
    Shy III

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