Oh no, he didn’t!

Oh yes, I did. I’ve regressed through time and went back to my Jeff Foxworthy Stereo Stage–you know what I mean:

“We may be starvin’ but we got tunes!”

In fact, we have a lot of them, and we can play them really loud…

Meet the Pioneer SX-1250. 160 RMS watts of loud. Enough loud that OSHA wants to have a few words with me.

Enough loud that Son, upon visiting the Holy of Holies (otherwise known as the basement) decided that ear muffs were a good idea. I can’t help it if the kid doesn’t care for Def Leppard. (Pour Some Sugar On Me, if you’re curious. He missed my Joe Elliot impersonation. God, I loved the 80s.)

I traded someone a small TV for it. I think I won that one.

Some men, when they hit that dread mid-life crisis, buy a sports car, bail on the family and get a trophy wife. Me, I buy guns and stereo equipment. Anyone know where I can score a pair of JBL 4312s?

Edit, 1/25/2010 2003: Found ’em. They’ll be here in a few days. Eardrums beware!

4 thoughts on “Oh no, he didn’t!

  1. I could loan you my muchly zoot Cerwin-Vega speakers if you think it'd help.. but Def kitty? For shame. Fine stereo equipment MUST be properly broken in with Zeppelin and Seger before playing anything of lesser worth.

    I still enjoy the heck out of putting a lit candle in front of the big speakers and watching it blow out the flame..

  2. well, that's pretty good stuff. One of these days we really need to combine collections and do some file swapping…

  3. I still have a pre-Superscope Marantz receiver. Sadly not in use, as it needs some repair. Goes well with my old Dual 721 (also needing repair, but unlike the Marantz, won't get it — at least not from me).

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