Patriot Act closer to renewal?

Well’s here’s some juicy news from the freedom front–Arlyn Specter (RINO-PA) has announced that there has been a deal to renew the Patriot Act for 4 years with little or no change. While there is some speculation that this may be a move to pressure members of Congress, I suspect that it really is a done deal–our Congresscreatures want to go home for their non-denominational non-specific winter holiday recess.

There are 6 members backing a reform plan, known as the SAFE Act, but I expect that it’s perfectly safe–from any chance of passage.

If I had the software and the knowledge, I’d love to take one of the scenes from the Wizard of Oz where everyone is arm in arm and skipping down the Yellow Brick Road and overdub it with new lyrics. “We’re off to form an empire, the wonderful American Empire…”.

Mourn the Republic, while it’s still legal.

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