Bailing out

President Zero has decided to bail out on two allies in what I believe is a blatant move for Russian “help” in another area, while calling it all “an adjustment”.

The Pentagon confirmed Thursday that it has made a “major adjustment” to plans for a missile defense system in eastern Europe, after a U.S. ally said the Obama administration is shelving the system altogether.

The proposed system was pitched as a way to fend off potential attacks from Iran but it became a major irritant in relations with Russia. President Obama faced the dilemma of either setting back the gradual progress toward repairing relations with Russia or disappointing two key NATO allies, the Czech Republic and Poland, that agreed to host components of the planned system.

Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell declined to give specifics about the new changes, but said: “This improvement to the system has nothing to do with Russia and everything to do with Iran.”

Uh, yeah…right. Nothing at all to do with Russia. Move on, citizen–nothing to see here.

Welcome back to the Bad Old Days when Democrat Presidents always made it clear to our allies that the US was a fair weather friend at best.

Nice Change, Big O. Real nice.

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