Hysterical Fools

Time to indulge in a little local foolishness. From one of thelocal fishwrappers:

North Davidson Middle and High schools were on temporary lockdown Tuesday morning after a man was reported in the area with a knife.

Dr. Fred Mock, superintendent for Davidson County Schools, said although the man was not in the immediate vicinity of the schools, administrators did have to take the necessary precautions.

“We had to make sure the kids are safe,” he said.

After talking with the schools’ resource officer, Mock said the man was arrested around 8:05 a.m. The schools’ resource officer also said there was no evidence that the man was on school grounds.

“He was in the neighborhood,” Mock said.

So if you have a knife, and you’re in the neighborhood of a school, you’re toast. Even though no one was threatened, you’re going to be arrested and the school rounds up all the targets goes into lockdown. That’s just great.

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