My head is going to explode

A drunken, philandering scion of a family who, rumor has it, made their fortune running booze during Prohibition, dies and we’re going to nominate him for sainthood or something?

The Ted Kennedy who, “Beginning with the 1965 bill, which opened the doors for the flood of Latin American and Asian immigrants who dramatically altered the nation’s demography, to the end of his life, Kennedy remained the Senate’s most impassioned advocate for widening opportunities for America’s newcomers.“?

The Ted Kennedy who loved HMOs, at least until he hated them instead?

The Ted Kennedy who practiced the “politics of destruction” on two Supreme Court nominees?

And let’s not forget the Ted Kennedy who left a woman to drown and then waited 10 hours to tell anyone about it because he was terrified that it might end his political career.

And just to get the last mileage out of him, let’s trot out the corpse and name a health care “reform” bill in his honor? You know, a bill that will remove all chance of you or I receiving the kind of health care he received in his final noble battle with a brain tumor.

Tell you what–just save them all up and give me one great big freakin’ break at Christmas, would you?

I’m just waiting for the public funeral. I bet it’s going to put Paul Wellstone’s to shame.

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