This story will just warm your heart

Well, it’ll warm it if your a gunnie like me. If you’re someone like Diane Feinstein or Schmuck Schumer, you’ll probably have fluids and semi-solids spurting violently from various orifices. Try not to get any on me, OK?

I’m sitting in my chiropractor’s office this morning, waiting my turn. A nice lady was sitting next to me, and one of the ladies in the office was asking her if she was done with Christmas shopping.

The lady allowed that she was, and the next question was what was everyone getting?

“A 12 gauge for the 14 year old, a .22 for the middle son and a BB gun for the youngest. The shotgun was a little more than we were going to spend, but all he wants is deer hunting stuff, and his birthday is in January and deer season is over by then. We talked, and decided that we would combine the presents this once.”

What an excellent mother she must be.

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