Driving home a point

Hundreds of people from around the country tell Newschannel 36 they will boycott Concord Mills Mall because a conservative-themed kiosk called “Free Market Warrior” will be removed. T-shirts and bumper stickers with slogans like “Impeach Obama,” “Al Qaeda’s 2 favorite days: 9/11/01 & 11/04/08,” and “Obama’s coming, Cling to Your Guns and Religion” were sold at the kiosk.

I’m not going to say that Simon Property Group is legally wrong to fail to renew Loren Spivack’s lease for his kiosk. The mall is private property, and the “free speech” argument only applies tenuously, if at all. If a given store is causing problems, a fairly normal response is to do something about it.

BUT (you knew that was coming, right?)…

Given what’s easily discoverable about the Simon Property Group (they’re in default on loans, another Simon property forced the cancellation of the Atlanta Tea Party earlier this month and Melvin Simon, the co-chairman, is a big Obama supporter), one has to wonder if there is an agenda at work designed to silence a certain point of view.

Concord Mills Mall is in my AO, and I’ve visited it many times (there’s a Bass Pro there, along with some other stores with a high “cool factor”). I was looking forward to a visit to Charlotte’s South Park Mall (another Simon property) on my next trip to Moscow-on-the-Catawba.

Guess where my money will not be spending for the foreseeable future (defined as, “Until they back off”)?

However, Mr. Spivack has a web site that sells his goods–and some of those will make excellent gifts. I really like the Goldwater poster, and the Republican Presidents playing cards is too cool for words….

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