Well, here’s another gun company that doesn’t get it

But at least they’re not anti-gun. They’re just in the business of hiring murderers. Look carefully at this picture of the back of of H&S Precision’s catalog.

See that name circled in yellow? Lon Horiuchi. Yes, that Lon Horiuchi. The Lon Horiuchi, FBI sniper, that shot an unarmed woman in the face as she held her child (Vickie Weaver at the Ruby Ridge standoff). The Lon Horiuchi who cost the US taxpayers over $1,000,000 in compensation paid to the Weaver family. The Lon Horiuchi who never stood trial for his crime.

The Lon Horiuchi who is endorsing their products.

Yeah, that makes me really want to become one of their customers.

At first, I thought this was yet another Intertubz hoax. David Codrea at The War on Guns has been in touch with H&S. No such luck-they’ve confirmed this relationship.

So this is how it is–I’m not buying any of their stuff. Moreover, I will not buy a firearm from any company who uses their products. And I’m going to let them all know this, and the reason why.

I wonder how big the FBI market for sniper rifles is–can H&S survive off of it forever?

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