Psss-t. Hey buddy…wanna get Windows 7 cheap?

I don’t do a lot of tech blogging, even though it’s how I earn my keep. But I want to pass this one on to you.

You may know that Windows Vista is pretty sucky. Heck, Windows has always been pretty sucky in a lot of ways, but if you have to operate in the real world of business, Windows rules. That means that you’re much more likely to have a Windows box at home than a Mac or Linux. It’s just easier for you.

You may also know that Microsoft is preparing to release the latest version, Windows 7. (Thank you, MS, for going back to version numbers. It freakin’ took long enough.) I’ve been playing and working with it since the public beta came out. Outside of one quibble I have with them about the Start menu (I want the classic menus as an option, you idiots!), it is everything Vista wasn’t. It’s stable (crashed twice in beta, never on the release candidate). It is less demanding in terms of hardware (most any Core Duo and 3 GB of RAM will do unless you’re doing a lot of graphics work–but remember, more and faster will always be better). The Beta on the default wallpaper is very cool.

And, according to Ars Technica, it’s now less expensive. I’m going to be ordering my upgrade copy tomorrow.

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