Star Trek

If you haven’t went to see the new Star Trek movie…


I watched the original series during it’s first run on TV. (Yes, I am that old, unfortunately.) I was prepared to dislike the movie if they screwed around with canon. Don’t mess with my childhood memories, pal.

It’s hard to say a lot about the movie without giving it away the coolest plot twist. Hard core fans are going start out with a big WTF?, but trust me, hang in there–all will be explained around 2/3 through. Canon is not only preserved, but I think it’s honored. We’re set for a whole new series of great stories in the tradition of TOS. (We can finally wash the taste of Capt. Lameway and the USS Lost In Space out of our minds.)

I can also say Thank God that we’re back to an Enterprise that doesn’t loose it’s warp drive, shields, weapons or some other important system at the first weapons impact. (Star Fleet Engineering must be back in business.)

And damn, for prurient bonus points, there’s one of those green-skinned girls. Woo-hoo!

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