News for global warming fetishists

The Drudge Report is just full of global warming-related items today. Good thing, since my little area of the world has been experiencing lower than normal temps for the last, oh, 3 weeks. (The firewood supply is disappearing faster than I expected. I am uncomfortable with that. Next year, we ramp up the supply by another third.)

Item One is cow farts and pig belches. No, I haven’t regressed to being a 13 year old boy, I’m serious. The EPA is proposing a tax (they call it an “annual fee”–smells like a tax to me) on farm animal gaseous output. Based on the article, I’m not sure how the money will be used to fight global warming. Probably by paying for the bailouts of GM and Ford, grumble, grumble.

Item Two is that Gwinnett County, Georgia wants to impose a $500 fine for those who don’t recycle. They assure the residents that it will be used only for the serious recycling scofflaws. Given how RICO and various computer crime and anti-terror statutes have been misused in recent years, why does this smell like cow farts revenue enhancement to me?

Item Three is that climate scientists say that 2008 will be the coolest year in a decade. Even though their own graph suggests that the current “warm spell” is ending, they say that this doesn’t indicate anything. Except that if the religion of global warming becomes discredited science, a lot of climate scientists are going to find themselves unfunded.

Now excuse me while I go throw another piece of wood on the fire.

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