Another voice on the Yadkin Lakes controversy

The High Rock Lake Association weighs in on our statist Legislature’s plan to take over the Yadkin lakes…

The High Rock Lake Association Board of Directors unanimously approved a motion last week to take issue with North Carolina’s proposal to take over the Yadkin Project, Alcoa’s power generation facilities and reservoirs on the Yadkin River.

In a written review of the proposed Senate Bill 967, Larry Jones, president of HRLA, pointed out that there are several areas that demand explanations from legislators, including causing further delays in the license renewal process, lack of legal precedent, loss of county tax revenues, adding to North Carolina taxpayers’ burden, assuming responsibility for pollution abatement, destroying the “business friendly” reputation of the state and circumventing normal requirements of accountability and transparency in creating a new “authority.”

Cynic that I am, I have to suspect that this is happening simply because the monied owners of all those fancy water-front houses are worried about their property values and continued ability to use the lakes for boating. Then again, that’s one of the big motivators in capitalism and free enterprise–enlightened self interest.

Thank you, HRLA, for joining the fight.

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