Sarah Who?

So John McCain has chosen a relative unknown, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. Interesting. If her Wikipedia bio is to be believed, she’s an interesting pick. Young, fairly attractive, apparently conservative, inexperienced at the national and international levels and not without some personal issues.

This will take some consideration, but I don’t see anything there to turn me into a McCain supporter. After all, he’s going to be the one calling the shots, not her. Now if the Republicans had ran her….

Edit, 8/29/2008 2100: It seems that those personal issues are more than likely BS, generated by the same good old boy network that she broke up in Alaska. Chalk one up for sour grapes on the part of the GOBs.

Tamnotes in the comments that she has vetoed legislation she personally agreed with because it was unconstitutional, and you do have to love that.

I still have trouble, though, warming up to McCain (whom I loving refer to as the most palatable Democrat running for president this year). And given the governor’s history, I have to wonder if she would stick it out with him after the election when he inevitably (as I see it) reverts to form and starts acting more like a Democrat. She seems to be a lady of principles, and I doesn’t seem to be the type to overly compromise them.

This is going to take further thought.

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