Dancing in the blood of the victims

It’s not just for the Brady Bunch any more…

Timothy Egan gets most of his facts wrong and bleeds all over his t-shirt for the “poor victims”. It’s a shame he doesn’t bash the perpetrators of these acts as hard as he does the guns they used. I guess if they’d used steak knives to commit their crimes would he be all over it the same way.

20-20 is going to air yet another anti-gun hit piece tonight at 10 PM. I’m sure it will be fair and present the views of both sides in a manner respectful to all concerned. (“Sir, Could you please stand back? Monkeys may soon be flying out of my ass….”)

Mix this sudden media assualt with La Pelosi’s sudden willingness to compromise on regulating those mythical “assault weapons”, the DoD’s backdoor attempt to restrict ammunition availability by ending fired brass sales, National Parks Service opposition to concealed carry and a continuing line of lies about where Mexican criminals get their guns and it’s unmistakable–the anti-freedom forces are on the move again. President Hopey-Changey has let them down on this subject, so they’re going to handle it themselves.

Gear up gunnies, because it’s going to get rough.

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