Larry Correia made me lose sleep!

He did, and I bet that he isn’t even ashamed of it.

He did it with his book, Monster Hunter International. I had it on pre-order at Amazon, so it showed up first day of release. And like an idiot, I put it on the shelf, to wait while I finished a William Gibson book (Spook Country; save your money unless you’re a big Gibson fan.)

I’m not a professional book reviewer, so don’t expect a professional review.

I enjoyed the hell out of this book! It’s sort of like an old-fashioned comic book without the pictures (and the ink rubbing off all over your hands). The story starts out with a bang (well, 10 of them actually, .357 caliber) and a werewolf attack. It picks up the pace from there. There are guns, explosives, a beautiful woman who loves to shoot, more guns, the undead, RPGs, more guns, a stripper, more undead, a recoilless rifle, serious evil dudes/dudettes, mortars, paranormal stuff, life after death…oh, and did I mention guns? Lots of guns.

It’s a great read–one of those books that will both literally will keep you up reading and have you wishing it wasn’t over. I’m hoping that there is more to come, but even if there isn’t, you should not miss this book.

Oh, and Larry, if this is based on fact, don’t tell me. Ammo is expensive enough, and if I have to start making my own silver bullets I’m going to have to stop eating.

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