Mr. and Mrs. America, why are your faces so red?

And why is steam shooting out of your ears? Could it be that you don’t agree with The Enlightened One, He Who Brings Light? Could it be that you don’t want to beggar yourselves, your children and their children to pay the mortgages of people who foolishly spent every dollar they could borrow, and now expect you to bail them out?

Make no mistake, Rick Santelli is just saying on a national network what millions of people are saying in offices, restaurants, drug stores and barber shops. 52% of the people who voted in the last Presidential election voted for bread and circuses, and the other 48% (plus those fools who did bother themselves to vote) are going to get stuck with the bill.

Given my readers, I’m probably preaching to the choir. But choir, we’re facing what may become one of the biggest crises ever to face our country. Team Obama, riddled with inexperience, poor judgment and, dare I say it…corruption, are going to throw every bit of money they can at their constituents and their big party donors. They are going to attempt to be sure that no matter how much hell we raise, that they have bought themselves and their successors into permanent power in Washington.

We, Rick Santelli’s “Silent Majority” (Ack–remember when Nixon’s people used that term?), are going to have to ensure it doesn’t happen.

It may be possible that we are seeing the beginning of something that Thomas Jefferson said was a good idea every now and then. After what I’ve seein the last few days, all I can say at this point is

Bring it.

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