(Via the Drudge Report)

Prince Harry has sparked a race row after “disturbing” video footage of him calling an Army colleague “Paki” emerged.

This is over an incident during a training evolution where Good Prince Harry (you know, the British Royal who went to war) had the temerity to call a Pakistani trainee by a derogatory name. At least from my experience, this is simply how training is. An instructor will say anything to see if you can be easily angered.

All of the uproar over this is being spoken with all the vitriol and political correctness that only a PSH leftists who have never experienced military service (and likely hate and despise the military as well) can muster.

Note to the British people: You are allowing a small percentage of your population to destroy your cultural traditions, your military and your society just before you are going to desperately need them all. You may want to consider a significant housecleaning.

Chin up, Harry.

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