And that’s, as they say, that

Fox News has just declared Barack Obama the winner in the US Presidential race. At this point, there are two things that we need to do. First, hope and pray that it won’t be as bad as we’re afraid it will be. Second, start working on the 2010 elections and the 2012 Presidential election.

The good news is, at least as of now, the Democrats will not have a super-majority in the Senate, and have picked up very few seats in the House. Not the best silver lining, but at least it’s something.

We can also take consolation in the fact that the popular vote was close (51-49 as of now). That may help send the message to the Anointed Agent of Change and his cohorts in Congress that they might want to be a little cautious about how much change they try for. Of course, being Democrats, I doubt that they get that message.

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