Some days, all I need to fill up the blog is the Drudge Report

For those who don’t bother, the Drudge Report is a simply excellent source of breaking and little-reported news. Many things that break on Drudge are not seen in the traditional media for days (if ever). I’ll normally stop by at least once a day, 3-4 times if something big is happening.

Today, Drudge is filled with stories that will either enlighten or infuriate you (or maybe both).

We’ve all been following the terrorist attack story from Mumbai, India (You have pulled your nose out of turkey and football for at least a few minutes, right?). Islamic terrorists staged a large attack on two hotels and a “Jewish center” and have killed over 100 people. Hotel staff and Indian commandos are both being lauded as heroes of the day. I have to wonder how a major US city would fare in such an attack. I’m afraid we may find out.

In the dying spasams of our consumer economy, an over-anxious mob of bargain seeking idiots at a Long Island Wal-mart trample several people, killing two. Mrs. Freeholder wonders why I won’t go shopping on Black Friday.

Al Franken looks at his options for continuing his attempt to steal an election as things continue to go badly for him. Pity poor Al–failed comic (not funny), failed Air America commentator (not interesting) and failed candidate (not electable). Al, if you’re hard up for some real work, I have a yard that needs raked.

And from the Department of Rubbing Your Nose In It:

As the Czech President, Vaclav Klaus, an economist, anti-totalitarian and climate change sceptic, prepares to take up the rotating presidency of the European Union next year, climate alarmists are doing their best to traduce him.

The New York Times opened a profile of Klaus, 67, this week with a quote from a 1980s communist secret agent’s report, claiming he behaves like a “rejected genius”, and asserts there is “palpable fear” he will “embarrass” the EU.

Yes, my friends, if you have committed the sin of being “skeptical” about man-made climate change (which means you demand to see some hard scientific evidence that man’s activities are actually causing any change in our climate), then you must have your character assassinated, no matter how low we must stoop to do so. So much for the vaunted “journalism” of the New York Slimes.

Is it just me, or does anyone else sense the winding down of the current version of civilization?

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