I was afraid of this

While I did not know Frank James personally (as “in person”), I had corresponded with him on a few occasions, and was well aware of his stroke and his difficulties in recovering from it.  A few days ago a sentence I noticed in passing started me wondering, and now I’ve confirmed that FarmerFrank died as a result of the effects of that stroke in mid-September.

Frank James was one of those men that we don’t see much any more, a gentleman.  He was willing to take time from his schedule and answer questions for some anonymous Internet nobody like yours truly, and I am more knowledgeable for his doing so.  I always enjoyed his blogging, both about guns and about the trials, tribulations and joys of the farming life.

I think the thing that makes me smile about Frank was the post he wrote about buying what I called his “mid-life crisismobile”, a new Mustang.  I’m glad he got it and was able to enjoy it for a while.

Frank, you left us too damn soon.  We’re going to miss you.

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