Here’s hoping the High Sheriff receives his comeuppance

A Pennsylvania woman Monday sued a county sheriff who revoked her concealed-weapons permit after she upset fellow parents by wearing her holstered pistol to her 5-year-old daughter’s soccer game.

Meleanie Hain alleges in a suit filed in a Harrisburg federal court that Lebanon County Sheriff Michael DeLeo violated her Second Amendment rights and prosecuted her maliciously when he took away her permit in September.

Hain, 30, successfully appealed the revocation last month, although the judge who restored her permit questioned her judgment and said she “scared the devil” out of others who attended the Sept. 11 soccer game.

It’s a pity she can’t sue the nanny judge as well.

Some may question this lady’s judgment in open-carrying her pistol. There have been interminable threads on various gun boards about the wisdom of open vs. concealed carry. I view it as two sides of a single coin. We have a God-given right to our firearms for personal defense. There are times when concealed carry may be preferable, and time when open carry might be. However, the vast majority of the time it really shouldn’t make any difference. Being armed should be as common in our society as carrying a cell phone. Whether openly armed of concealed should be the individual’s option, based on their own reading of the circumstances.

And those who are unreasonably frightened of this particular inanimate object should be treated with the same care and compassion that our mental health professionals treat all sufferers of phobias.

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