Zombie Reagan

Killing the last few minutes at work today, random blog surfing lead me to…Zombie Reagan.

Now before anyone gets their panties in a wad, I want you to remember that I have the greatest respect for President Reagan. Hell, it was under Reagan that The System started working for a working stiff who wanted to go back to college and make something better of his life.

But, this is funny as get out. (Especially if you can do “Bra-a-a-ains” in a Ronnie voice.) However, it has a serious side–over on the right. I’m going to copy it in, just in case you miss it:

Reagan is dead — get used to it! They said. It’s a two party system, what’re you gonna do?They said.You don’t have a choice!They said.

Whoa, wait a minute! I thought. No choice? Ronald Reagan would never have put up with that! Screw it! Let’s dig Ronnie up and rebury him in the Pet Semetary of ideas!

We’ve let him down, folks. We got lazy. We stopped talking about conservative principles. Small government. Low taxes. Self-reliance. Individuality. Respect for the rule of law. BRAAAAAAAIIIINS.

Hey, remember when we argued with people? You know…laid the framework for our ideas, supported our positions with facts and observations? Think back. Remember suasion? Remember?

Then we figured we’d won the battle of ideas. We gave up hashing out the same old points over and over and decided to hurl cow pies instead.

Now, look! The silly boo-boos in our own party have forgotten we ever stood for something. They slipped the harness when we weren’t looking and dashed out into the middle of the road. Now the place is lousy with RINOs!

Enough! It’s time to talk up conservative ideas again! Show your displeasure with the status quo; proudly display Zombie Reagan on your blog. Or don’t. Whatever. But for pity’s sake, start talking up conservative ideas!

Maybe if we deserve him hard enough, he’ll come back to us.

It’s gotta work. You don’t want me digging up Bill Buckley, do you?


Now, I’m not quite ready to display the graphic on the blog, unless the consensus in comments is to do so. But I can support the message. We have let Reagan down. He left us with the strongest, most conservative Republican Party in generations, and we let it turn into Larry Craig tap dancing in the men’s room, Ted Stevens and his funding issues and the 2008 election. How the mighty have fallen.

But we can take it back. All of us “little guys” are going to have to get involved and make our desires heard: Smaller Government, Lower Taxes, Respect For Individual Rights–and whatever else you want to add to the list that is a true conservative core principle.

I’m going to start working on a once-a-week post: one thing you can do to reform the Republican Party and/or stick a finger in the Eye of Obama. Some may cost you some money, some may cost you some time, some may cost you both. Feel free to pick and choose, but remember, if we don’t start doing something to save ourselves and our country, we’re going to get a lot of Hope and Change that we don’t like.

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