Once more, with feeling

Well, the time for campaigning for elected office is almost over, and it’s time for the voters to say their piece at the ballot box. Many have taken advantage of early voting programs, and many more will head to the polls tomorrow.

If you haven’t yet decided who to vote for, please consider the future of the country as well as your personal future and vote for John McCain for president. I know that, for most people likely to read this blog, he isn’t the perfect candidate. But the perfect candidate never runs, does he? No matter who it is, we can find fault and failing in him. McCain, from a conservative standpoint, has faults and failing aplenty.

Yet, he stands head and shoulders above his opponent. Barak Obama has yet to complete a single term in the US Senate; John McCain has completed 3 terms in the Senate and one in the House. Barak Obama sponsored 3 bills that has been enacted; McCain has sponsored 30. Barka Obama has missed 24% of the Senate votes during his time in office; McCain has missed 18%.

John McCain has also sacrificed for his country. During his military service, he was held prisoner in the infamous Hanoi Hilton. He bears the scars of the torture endured there today. Ever seen the man raise his arms above his shoulders? It isn’t that it hurts him to do so, he can’t do so. Remember the campagin commercial that derided him for being unable to use a computer? It was unceremoniously yanked when it became know that he can’t use one because he physically can’t, not because he’s too old-fashioned or too “good” to do so.

Barak Obama, on the other hand, has consistently sacrificed himself, first at Harvard as a student, as a community organizer and in politics. It isn’t quite the same in my book.

Obama says that McCain will just be another 4 years of George Bush. I admit that’s possible, but but I consider it unlikely. But I can tell you that Obama and a Democrat-controlled Congress will spend the next 4 years enacting a leftist/socialist agenda that has failed miserably every time it’s been tried. We’ve seen his true beliefs whenever Obama has strayed from his script–he has told us that he wants to force us to “share the wealth”, bankrupt essential industries and abridge our Constitutional freedoms–and that just in the last week. Imagine what he will come up with in 4 years time.

If you’re undecided, think long and hard before you step into that polling place. Your vote will shape the future that you, I and our children will live in. Use that vote wisely, and please vote for John McCain for President.

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