Quick! Call the asylum!

Because the inmates are on the loose–and they’ve taken charge of our economy.

OK, this is going to be big-time snarkage, because the entire story is becoming more of a farce than necessary.

Traders seems to have finally realized that their precious bailout comes at a cost which the US can not pay in cash. That means we have to borrow that $500 billion $700 billion $1 trillion $1 gazillion that it’s going to take to buy ourselves out of this mess, no matter for how short a time. Congratulations, Einsteins. Go to the head of your class. That will make you easier targets when the Revolution comes.

From the “Why Worry Now?” department, we find out that our ever-vigilant government is closely monitoring oil prices for sing of manipulation. Welcome to the party guys–we’re all going home now.

The “No Constituency Left Behind” program has suffered a minor setback, but Democrats are sure it’s only temporary. If they whine long enough, they’re sure they’ll get what they want. For the Children or the Poor or who-the-hell-ever this time.

This just in–the glorious bailout plan will be a drag on the economy. Another victory such as this and we may be undone.

Hank Paulson is seeing his chance for shoving this plan through Congress in a hurry evaporating like puddles after a summer shower. See! There’s something to be thankful for! Given all the interesting powers granted and the lacks of check and/or balances, this is the first good news I’ve heard on the subject so far.

And after a crappy day for Wall Street, Asia feels our pain.

It’s going to be a long fall and a cold, cold winter at this rate.

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