Sarah Palin–Space Alien?

I hope that “space alien” thing was bizarre enough to get your attention. Given the number and quality of rumors swirling around Gov. Palin’s since her selection as McCain’s veep, it’s kind of hard to come up with something so far-fetched that it automatically registers as an attention-getting device.

I’m astounded and amazed, but not at all surprised at the sound and fury (so far signifying nothing) that has surrounded her. She is almost the antithesis of what the left thinks a “successful” woman should be. Coupled with her beliefs and how she lives her life, she’s guaranteed to both spike a leftist’s blood pressure while causing their head to spin like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. I’m amazed that some areas of the country, such as Bezerkley, CA, have not become depopulated as the left’s collective heads explode.

Is she perfect? Not hardly. But I have to admire her actions since her selection. I suspect that I would not have dealt so gracefully with the various and sundry jerks she has encountered both in person and via the media. I definitely would have ran out of places to hide the bodies by now. “Oh, don’t worry about the lumps under the sofa cushions. That old thing is just worn out!”

I’m going to be interested to see her speech tonight. Some think she’s going to slam her critics, and if she does, it’s understandable. However, I suspect that any slamming will be done in an understated method that will leave them scratching their heads in confusion, as they try to figure out just whether or not she’s insulted them.

If nothing else, we’re in for an entertaining couple of months.

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