Major media biased? Say it can’t be!

(Via the Drudge Report)

Even though those in the media swear (not on a stack of Bibles, of course) that they aren’t biased, their private actions show differently. Like we couldn’t have figured that out from the fawning media coverage of His Obamaness’ European vacation….

Here at the Freehold, we’re biased, and happy to admit it. You see, I’m not reporting news. I aggregate it, point out things I think are particularly interesting and comment about it. I blog things from my life that I think you might find entertaining if you share my interests. But I never try to sell what I do as reporting.

They do.

Think for yourself. Consider your sources of news carefully, and cross-check stories. Do you homework and don’t get hoodwinked by anyone.

This public service announcement brought to you by The Freehold.

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