Heller wins! Heller wins! Heller wins!

(OK, I’m late. I’m also at work and had to wait until lunch. Sue me. Some links via the Drudge Report.)

The Supreme Court has spoken, and in a somewhat unexpectedly close 5-4 vote, as confirmed that the Second Amendment means what it says it means. You can read the actual opinion here.

Predictably, gun-grabbers have stuck their fingers in their ears and are singing “LA-LA-LA” as loudly as possible. In a related story, McCain is shamelessly pandering for my vote in November. I’m taking that one under advisement.

I’ll have more later after I wade through the decision, but based on what I’ve seen so far, we’ve won a big victory–much larger than some had thought possible. Of course, it’s a lot smaller that what I would like to have seen, but it’s a start. I still want to be able to mail-order an original configuration Thompson, just like in the good old days.

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