Is it possible to combine a holiday, a range report and “birthday gun” porn all into one post?

Well duh!

Yes, Father’s Day 2008 was spent, in part at the range, with my Dad and my kids. Three generations out on a rather warm early summer day, enjoying each others’ company and things that go bang. Who could ask for more?

First, I need to introduce you to the latest addition to the safe, my birthday present–a Stag Arms Model 3 AR-type rifle, guaranteed to introduce PSH in hoplophobes nationwide. (And yes, I know I need a better spotting scope. One of these days.)

Yes, I’ve now joined the AR Mafia. Next thing you know, I’m going to be hanging around ARFcom debating the merits of what sort of cupholder to hang off the rails….

Next, we have Grandpa and the kids, all busily sending lead down range. They’re using a variety of .22s, with Son using his Henry lever action, Grandpa using my old Sears 43 and Daughter using the Remington Sportmaster 512. Cheap shooting, but fun.

Finally, we have my Dad, the WWII veteran, trying out the civilian version of the current protector of freedom. His eyesight may be going, but he was still able to hit a torso target at 100 yards. I think an EOtech may be in order–just to help him out. Really.

As a part of the purchase, I bought 6 Magpul 20-round magazines. Each one functioned flawlessly, from locking a full mag in place with a closed bolt through feeding with 20 rounds loaded.

The gun also digested 120 rounds of Wolf Military Classic without a hiccup. Not as cheap as .22 LR, but AIM has some good prices right now.

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