Selling guns illegally or selling illegal guns–an important difference

This article from the Auburn (AL) Plainsman really gripes my gun-owning soul.

Now, I shall stipulate that the arrested, Ben M. Shadrick, was selling guns illegally. If you sell guns as a business, you have to have an 01 FFL. I don’t agree with it, but it’s the law and I won’t ever change that.

However, at that point, the article veers into Neverland and never returns.

Shadrick, 58, of Georgetown, Ga., was arrested at Highway 280/431 Smiths at about 10 a.m. by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives Agency (ATF).“This is a big bust, and it highlights the danger of selling illegal weapons,” said Captain Van Jackson of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Investigative Division.

Judging by the picture accompanying the article, there is nothing illegal about the guns themselves. Shotguns, rifles and pistols. No illegal Class III guns, no Destructive Devices, just plain old guns. Of course, I guess the locals could be accused wanting to look good for the ATF and/or the media.

“This arrest is part of the Alabama ICE (Isolate the Criminal Element) and Project Safe Neighborhood…”

Project Safe Neighborhood–wasn’t that one also present at the Richmond Showmasters Gun Show?

But there couldn’t be any connection, could there?

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