Respect My Authorti!

I just love good Security Theater:

A new Transportation Security Agency (TSA) policy will block passengers from flying if they do not have proper ID, but only if they exhibit defiance. Passengers who merely forgot to bring ID will still be permitted to fly, but will be subjected to a physical screening and enhanced baggage screening.

Now let me see if I have this right…if I would like to fly without the “Papers, please” business (OK, I know that TSA doesn’t say “please”–work with me here), and I just refuse to give them my drivers license or whatever, I’m defiant and won’t be allowed to fly. But if I’m Abdul the soon-to-be Dead Terrorist (you know, Achmed‘s younger brother), all I have to do is say that “Oh my Allah! I’ve lost my wallet!”, submit to more or the usual ineffective security measures, and I can get on the plane and do my dirty work, then that’s cool.

Nah, that’s not cool, that’s f’ed up.

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