Olofson convicted

I haven’t been blogging the ordeal of David Olofson, the man who loaned out his AR to an acquaintance, who then suffered a malfunction, leading to his and Olofson’s arrest for possessing an illegal machine gun. Others, such as David Codrea have been doing an excellent job, and there’s no need for “me to-ism”.

Jed reports that Olofson was convicted yesterday. (The acquaintance rolled over for the ATF.) Gun owners, you’re now on official notice that if your gun malfunctions and fires more than one shot with a single trigger pull, you’re toast. Codrea hasan interesting email from Len Savage with his take on the subject (among some other things).

I’ll be watching for an appeal. And like Savage, I want to see if the NRA weighs in on this, especially since they have a big bully pulpit at this weekend’s national convention. Yo, Mr. LaPierre? My next membership renewal is yours to lose.

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