Why I’m not voting for John McCain

(NYT article via Timebomb 2000)

Kim duToit and a number of other bloggers have decided that they are going to vote for John McCain because, at least in my understanding, he’s a slightly better choice than Hilliary Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama and he won’t destroy the country quite so fast. Or, as Kim puts it, “I love my country more than I hate John McCain.”

I’m calling “bullshit”.

I love my country and I don’t hate John McCain. But I’m not going to vote for him. I’ve went over his voting record, and there is nothing there that says “conservative”. For that matter, there’s nothing that even whispers it. Sorry, John, but supporting the War on Terror isn’t going to get my vote. Being right on one out of a hundred is a failing grade in any class I’ve ever taken.

The NY Times has an interesting op-ed column today by Frank Rich, who, based on his written output is nothing more than a liberal hack. But, even as a stopped clock is correct twice a day, he’s right on in today’s piece, “McCain Channels His Inner Hillary.” Let’s have just a couple of quotes, shall we?

  • The Arizona senator’s otherwise conservative record is closer to the Democrats on immigration, campaign-finance reform, stem-cell research, global warming, oil drilling in Alaska, waterboarding, Gitmo and, until a recent flip-flop, the Bush tax cuts.
  • In The New Republic, Jonathan Chait concluded that Mr. McCain’s Senate votes made him “the most effective advocate of the Democratic agenda in Washington” during the first Bush term.

Parenthetically, I just love the part about his “otherwise conservative record”. How liberal do you have to be to accuse John McCain of being conservative–to the left of Che Guevara?

Yeah boy, this sound like just the kind of guy I want to vote for. This may be the first Presidential election in history where the same party gets to run two candidates.

He’s the plan, folks. Do not stay home on election day. Go vote, but go vote in your local and state races. Sit out the one truly national one, the vote for President, since your vote will make no difference–as conservatives, there is no one for us to vote for in that race. Voting for conservatives in your local and state races helps to ensure that we at least maintain the current position. This way, no matter which nitwit gets elected President, the harm they can do is minimized to some extent.

I’ll admit it isn’t a great strategy, but it beats whoring yourself out to a party that, on a national level, doesn’t give a damn about you. And perhaps the pimps in the Republican party aren’t so stupid that they won’t notice the difference in numbers between the total number of people who voted and the total number who voted in the Presidential contest.

I am not looking forward to the next 4+ years. They are not going to be pleasant.

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