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One of my recent posts has generated some unusual interest:

Edit, 1906 hrs: I’ve had another visitor from DOJ.

Guys, face it. ATF has stepped on it again, at least from a PR point of view. They’ve raided a well-thought of firearms business, one that is, by all reports, honest and above-board in their dealings. There are some rumors floating about that ATF may have actually been duped by false accusations made by someone with a grudge against the company. I don’t know. All I know is what I’m able to find out around the firearms boards, which isn’t much of substance. I read nothing, anywhere, from ATF to lead me to believe anything different. (And spare me the “ongoing investigation” crap–if you guys want to talk, you can. Remember the Olympic Park bombing? Yeah, I thought you might.)

We gun owners and gun dealers just want to be left alone with our “toys”. We put up with licensing and ownership rules far in excess of any other legal product that I can think of. We are willing fingerprinted, photographed and investigated simply to exercise our right to keep and bear arms as recognized by the Second Amendment to our Constitution. How many members of the ATF and the DOJ are willing up to the level of scrutiny that they visit on us? Can I see a show of hands in the comments?

Those of us who legally own guns are, by and large, a law-abiding group. Yeah, there are a few bad apples, and I expect most if not all of us are quite content to see them get what they deserve. But the ATF enforcement types seem to obsess with paperwork violations (Does Red’s Trading Post ring a bell?), and when justifiably thwarted, vindictiveness appears to be the order of the day. All ATF agents probably aren’t as bad as we may make them out, but look at it from our point of view. Nearly every time we hear about the ATF, it’s because of something like Cavalry Arms. We may paint you with broad brush strokes, but you’re supplying the paint and the brushes.

There are a lot of Bad Guys out there with illegally owned guns, and people unscrupulous enough to supply them, again illegally. How about going after them for a change?

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