What to do with “found money”

So our betters in Washington have decided that it will benefit their reelection chances the economy if they give us back some of our money. Have you given any consideration to what you’re going to do with it? It goes without saying that the government wants you to spend it–after all, 70% of our economy is consumer spending, and Wal-mart had poor January sales.

A lot of folks are advocating a “Save it!” position. At one time, I’d have said the same, but with inflation cranking up (Been to the grocery store lately? I don’t care how Washington cooks the books, inflation is livin’ large.) and the possibility of shortages of various items on the horizon, investing in the things you may not be able to get easily (or at all) strikes me as a good idea.

Kim du Toit is advocating putting that money into guns and ammo, unless you need it to keep the wolves from the door. Me, I’d go one better and say do it at a local gun show in cash, taking advantage of that well-imagined “gun show loophole”. This is known as a “three-fer”. You get guns and ammo and the gungrabbers get tagged twice. Sweet.

There are also other items you may want to consider. Food suitable for long term storage is always a good idea. An alternative means of power is a reasonable purchase. And if you need nothing else, there is that “buy precious metals” thing.

Like that commercial says, “It’s your money.” Put it to good use.

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