Survivalism going mainstream?

(Via SurvivalBlog)

It seems that a new group of people are becoming aware that our civilization could be failing before our eyes. In Middleville, MI, Aaron Wissner and his family have ran head-on into the Peak Oil theory and have the zeal of the newly converted.

The WSJ article mentions the philosophy of relocalization (here, have a few websites to look at), which, Peak Oil or not, is one of the most intelligent things I’ve ran into lately. I like the idea of not spending two hours a day in my car, and buying the majority of my goods and services from my neighbors, who in turn buy the goods and services my family offers.

Even if nothing happens, and The World As We Know It doesn’t end, the idea of more people becoming aware that it could will lead to improvements in our human society. I don’t want an end to our modern technology, but I would like to see its influence on our daily lives reduced. Good grief, get off the cell phone, put down that PlayStation controller, get up from in front of those 500 channels, and put in a garden. Do your own work around the house. Take a walk in the woods. Reconnect with your family, neighbors and friends.

Are still reading this? GIT!

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