The view from the other side of the pond

Since I doubt my comment will ever see the light of day, I’d like to draw your attention to this blog post from Igor Erica Diary.

Sad, isn’t it? What happened to “Great” Britain? The line about democracies committing suicide comes to mind. At any rate, here’s my comment, which is currently “awaiting moderation”:

Actually, Philip Van Cleave gets quoted because the organization he heads (VCDL) is one of the most influential and successful gun rights groups in the United States–he is an authority in the movement for citizens to take back their freedoms in our country.

All of the things his group has accomplished, despite your attempt to portray them as “bad” or “wrong”, are simply taking back the God-given right of gun ownership, as acknowledged by the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, from those who think we shouldn’t have it.

Of course, being from the UK, I don’t expect you to understand that view or sympathize with it. However, one good look at crime in the UK before and after your draconian gun bans ought to raise your curiosity, if you’re intellectually honest.

Oh, and Bloomberg isn’t silly, he’s an ass. He’s publicly acknowledged committing multiple counts of two Federal offenses, and has been admonished by our Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to cease and desist, as is is compromising current investigations by that group. Of course, if I did that, I would be under indictment and awaiting trail without the benefit of bond.

Now there’s a story for people who have more influence than you…or I.

Anyone care to lay odds on that comment actually surviving moderation?

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