But hey, at least we don’t live in a police state

Not yet, at any rate, or Ms. Flynn would be in a camp somewhere–or worse.

While visiting her family in Hillside, N.J., Flynn spotted a car with a New York license plate parked outside the house. When she left to head back to her Brooklyn home that evening, the car followed hers. Shortly after leaving Hillside, two more vehicles, also with New York plates, seemed to be tailing her, too.

Trying to assure herself she wasn’t nuts, Flynn tested her hunch – changing lanes, making turns, pulling over and parking. The drivers in those three vehicles mimicked her actions.

Somehow, I don’t think these gentlemen were from the Salvation Army.

Agree or disagree with the lady’s politics or causes, this sort of behavior should give us all pause. Our Constitutional Republic is at a cross-roads. Down one fork lies a return to limited government and the freedom so many have fought and died for since 1776, and down the other lies–what? My guess would be a oligarchical surveillance state, where dissent is only practiced underground and at grave danger. This state will have the trappings of democracy garishly displayed, just to assure the people that they really are “free”.

But if you can’t speak your mind freely without fear of repercussion, are you really free?

The reason this lady is worried is the same reason I blog anonymously. I plan on at least making it a little more difficult for the so-and-sos.

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