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I still find it funny that it’s usually our legal immigrants who seem to “get the joke” about America the best. Kim du Toit, the sorry so-and-so who inadvertently and unknowingly lead me down the path to blogdom, has two excellent posts in one day. A South African expat, he gets the joke that is America as well as anyone I’ve ever seen.

His first post deals with the subject of Republican Presidential candidates, and why you’ll never get to perfect. I’ve had similar discussions with some of my commenters lately, and I’ve had them on various forums with others. Folks, we ain’t ever going to get that perfect candidate. Even if we find him, I will guarantee that he or she is not electable on the national stage. Should a miracle occur and they get elected, they will fail utterly in getting anything useful done. Feel free to disagree, but that’s the facts as I see them.

His second post deals with something many believe is occurring right now, right as I type and as you read this–America is circling the drain. Indications are that this is an accurate belief. His post was occasioned by a comment left on his blog by an old blogging acquaintance, who is, like Kim, an immigrant to the US. This fellow decided to bail to warmer climes, and says he’ll return “when the shooting starts”.

I can appreciate his position, and if the shooting does start, I’ll welcome him with open arms. But man, we need you to stay here and help us see to it that it doesn’t come to that. Because if it gets to that point–a second civil war, open revolution, whatever you want to call it–we’re all going to lose. That because while we’re involved with killing each other off, our real enemies, the Islamists, the Socialists, the Communists and the plain power hungry, will be biting off chunks of flesh from our national carcass. And we may find, when one side or the other finally wins, that there is no America left.

So stay here, and fight the good fight. Things appear dire, but always the optimist, I think that we can win, and get back at least some semblance of the Constitutional Republic that our forefathers won for us.

Thats’ what I plan to do, and that’s what I’m teaching my kids to do. Win or lose, this is my home, and I see no other place to be.

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