This just in from the Dept. of the Blindingly Obvious

The head of the World Health Organization’s HIV/AIDS department has officially admitted for the first time that there will be no global epidemic of the disease among the heterosexual population outside Africa.

And it only took them a decade, after it was becoming obvious to anyone who could read a chart that this wasn’t going to happen, to come to this conclusion. Isn’t science (especially when it’s taken over by political correctness and money) wonderful?

You have to wonder how long it will take us to get over the global warming hysteria. And while we’re at it, I’d also like to predict that The End of Energy (and the associated “We’re all going to die starving in the freezing dark” business) is our next outbreak of this sort of panic-driven lunacy.

My point is this–all of these things are serious issues. However, you have to actually think clearly and implement long-range plans if you want to deal with them. Having mass demonstrations, passing ill-conceived laws and throwing money at the problems won’t solve them.

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