Watch your six

It isn’t something I’d normally blog about, but I hope you’ve all been keeping an eye on the stock market/Federal Reserve/dollar goings-on. I only understand it in the broadest terms, but it looks like those hard times us “preparedness nuts” have been warning people about may be just around the corner. No guarantees, but if there has been a chance for an out-and-out depression in the last 30 years, it’s now, I think.

Part of this concern is generated by things I’m observing first-hand. Business at local tourist attractions is dropping at a time when it’s usually doing well. A large group of homes has suddenly been listed for sale at a time of year when housing sales normally begin to slow. Despite media reports to the contrary, prices on gas, food and most similar goods are rising at a pretty good pace. Restaurant business is declining. Business at yard sales is booming.

Here at The Freehold, we have stepped up certain activities and moved up certain plans calling for the use of those crashing dollars. It’s all things we’d have done eventually anyway, so even if nothing happens, nothing goes to waste.

If you haven’t made any moves to prepare yourself for what may come, you might want to consider doing so while there is still time and it can be easily (and still somewhat cheaply) done.

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