It’s all a misunderstanding

The on-going flap over whether the Wounded Warriors Project (WWP) is anti-gun was described to Examiner Friday morning as “a misunderstanding” that has been “blown out of proportion” by a top official with the organization.

I’m sure it is a misunderstanding.  I think the question that is yet to be resolved is “On whose part?”  Because I’m not so sure that this can be blamed on someone who was “new to the job”.  Judging from what I found on their own web site, she was merely handing out the company line.

Part of the company line is still on the web site.  Some of it has been expunged, although you can see my copy of the original here, and the click on the text to see the new cleaned up version.

Forgive me if I take a wait and see attitude toward this.

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