Gonna be some slow blogging

At least, it looks that way. Last week was slow, and it seems that this week, and maybe the next couple will be so as well. It seems that Fall as arrived, and all at once. It was 97° last Saturday, 79° this Saturday, and something like 52° that night. Yowser, you have to like that. Of course, it feels like you’re freezing to death, because it’s been so hot all summer.

And of course with the coming of fall, is fall Little League Season, county fairs, getting things ready for winter and so on. And school–I don’t want to go there, yet I must. With 2 kids and Mrs. Freeholder all in school, I’m in charge of picking up the slack. Plus several large home improvement projects that require my time dealing with contractors. Oh yeah, and work. They’d like to see my smiling face from time to time. Like Monday to Friday.

So if I’m not around much, now you’ll know why. And who knows–maybe I can learn to do without sleep after all.

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