Protest at your own risk

(Via Timebomb 2000)

Remember the news on the summit of North American leaders a week or so ago? You know, the one where the Mexican el presidente decided that if he was going to evacuate for Hurricane Dean, he was going to be sure to get out of the danger zone by going to Canada?

Sure, I’m joking, But more seriously, it seems that the Quebec Provincial Police (or perhaps their masters) decided that peaceful protests during this event should not be allowed. But since police action against peaceful protesters tends to look bad on TV, they needed an excuse to crack a few heads.

Queue the agents provocateurs. Yes, I know that accusations of this sort of behavior have been tossed at law enforcement since the 60s–but this time they have it on camera.

Faced with the evidence, the police admitted to their actions, but claimed there was no wrongdoing, and as a matter of fact, their work was a a great success.

It may not be a police state just yet, but the signs are becoming more and more undeniable. If things don’t change–if we don’t force them to change–this will be what the future looks like.

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