It’s becoming common knowledge

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From a survival standpoint, I’ve long expected any sort of TEOTWAWKI event to involve a global economic collapse. The trigger event isn’t as important as the idea that things would go completely to hell and probably not really recover to the level of security and comfort we now have.

It would seem that even the Powers That Be are starting to take note that this could happen. A little late, but maybe not so late that we can’t begin doing some things to make it less likely to happen or less damaging if it should.

It started with a simple question by Samuel Bodman, the energy secretary: “What does the future hold for oil and natural gas supply?”

The query was made in October 2005 in a one-page letter sent to Lee Raymond, the former chairman of Exxon Mobil and head of the National Petroleum Council, a federal advisory group representing the oil industry.

After nearly two years, Raymond has finally delivered his answer. The result is a colossal 476-page study entitled “Facing the Hard Truths About Energy” that involved 350 participants, suggestions from over 1,000 people, submissions by 19 foreign governments from Australia to Saudi Arabia, and dozens of subcommittees.

The report, which was made public in Washington on Wednesday, was billed as one of the most comprehensive analysis of the global energy challenge.

In answering Bodman’s question, it also provides a sobering picture of the energy problem facing the United States and the world.

I wonder if all us “survivalist nut cases” will seem as strange in the future as we have in the past? Then again, it’s never good to be right too early.

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