Crisis du jour

With health care “reform” well in hand (NOT!), the Amateur-in-Chief moves on his next topic, global warming:

President Barack Obama on Tuesday declared that the United States is a serious partner in combating global warming, telling world peers “we are determined to act.”

Leaving out the business that this isn’t settled science (despite what Algore and the media precious would have us believe), just what does the Big O propose to do?

As the Perpetually Offended would say, “We need to DO-O-O SOMETHING!” So in the spirit of reaching out across the aisle (Don’t worry, I promise I won’t bitch slap you guys this time), allow me to help out.

Hm-m-m–we need some ideas here. Perhaps we can all go back to horse and buggy days. Nah, that won’t work–horses fart, and farts contain methane which contributes to global warming. (Note to self–check out the farts of all those other farm animals, too. I hear cows are really bad in this respect. Send some “undocumented immigrants”–they’ll do those nasty jobs Americans won’t do.)

Perhaps we should just walk everywhere, and do away with cars. Boy, I’m really going to look forward to that 65 mile daily commute. Mass transit? Yeah, we can build a light rail line for the 4 of us who make the same commute. There’s bound to be some stimulus money lying around here somewhere.

We can stop using so much electricity…Hey! Turn off the Internet, and that alone might be enough to solve the problem! (This one has possibilities.)

Of course, we could just wait for some serious science to be done, so that we’d know if this was actually caused by human activity, but that would be too simple by half.

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