Jericho may yet return

(Via Timebomb2000)

Well, well, well. What a bunch of PO’d fans and 38,000+ pounds of nuts can do:

Could It Be? Jericho Saved!?

As the lovely author notes (Hey, check the pic if you don’t believe me.), this is not a done deal. And I suspect that they had better wrap it up in the 8 episodes, or come up with some serious ratings. But still, it’s good news for those of us who enjoyed the show.

Yeah I know it wasn’t realistic. So? It was entertaining, and it actually opened people’s eyes just a bit. Double points.

Shame we’ve never been so successful with Firefly. Sure, we got a movie, and that was a big thing, but I wanted much, much more. Yes, I’m greedy that way.

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